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DESC Project & $DESC Token Road Map

The Project
2018 Q1

Welcome DESC

The project was designed and created travel sector focus only in Q1 2018. The test network token creation was made. During the time upto 2021 Q2 team members have worked on the project to be upto date and focus on wider range. Instead of only one sector, the renewed project aims to provide discount on all the legal sectors. Therefore the project is re-named and re-designed.

2021 Q1

Here comes DESC

After working on the project for 3 years. It has come to time to launch the project DESC.
* Whitepaper Created
* Website Launched
* Workouts on Testnet
* Social Media Accounts Created

2021 Q2 – Q3


DESC team has started to work on creating the awareness of the project to mass.
* $DESC to go onto Ethereum Mainnet
* Planning for the ICO phases
* Interacting with ICO companies
* Interacting with Exchanges
* Agreements with Early Adopter Companies
* Running the first Private Sale ( Public on an Exchange or dEx )
* Running the ICO ( Public on an exhange or self )
* Accepting the first OFFLINE #DESC payment on one of the early adopter websites

DESC in real life
2021 Q4

Shop by $DESC

Becoming World’s Cryptocurrency which anyone can spend to buy goods and services and gain immediate discount.
* Php Code Language Codelettes creation
* Asp Code Language Codelettes creation
* Exchange Listings
* Enabling Online Payments by $DESC

Creating the Value
2022 Q1

$DESC on more exchanges

#DESC will be in more Exchanges and be tradeable by many more #DESC holders.
* Applications to be listed on higher volume exchanges
* Making the Compansation $DESC payments to the early adopters
* New Merchant & Adopter Contracts
* Attending to Cyrpto orientated Seminaries & Forums
* Getting the Team wider

2022-Q2 & Q3

Mobile DESC

Adoption of Desc system onto mobile applications.
* Mobile DESC app for Android
* Mobile DESC app for IOS
* Coledettes creation for mobile apps to be integrated
* First Mobile App Payment in #DESC
* TV Adverts for Desc System
* New Merchant & Adopter Contracts
* New Exchange Listings

$DESC World’s Discount Provider

Real Life Discount Issuer

Desc to go further and become the leading discount provider system.
* Widening the Merchant Coverage
* Investing on self online shopping platform
* Co-Operations with leading online shopping platforms
* First part of Coin Burning ( the amount that is paid to the early adopters to compansate the discounts they have provided to $DESC holders )
* Adopting $DESC onto other Cyrpto Payment Processor systems

DESC on Self Chain
2023 Q1 & Q2 & Q3 & Q4

Welcome DESCcHain

Desc will run all of it’s operations on self chain.
* Creation of DESCcHain
* Creation of $DESC in DESCcHain
* Integrations with Merchants
* DESCcHain Wallet Creation
* DESCcHain #DESC going live in exchanges
* $DESC token to #DESCcoin Swaps
* #DESC token to fully burned ( ERC20 )
* #DESCcoin to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world