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Thanks to respected technology of Social Media, you can signup using the social channels you already have account on.

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It is easier for us to signup with social media account and saves us filling the signup forms, but lets the discount voucher code website or the app reach your activites, timeline, your friends list, your email basicly the most of your private information.


Decentralized Discount Issuer

DESC is a system which issues discount for goods or services on sale on e-commerce websites and mobile apps, Saves Money,time and keeps identity of the shoppers to themselves while providing completely free infrastructure through blockchain technology to online shops backed by it’s own crypto asset $DESC. The early adopter online shops will get a % of the discount amount back from DESC system in $DESC.

Benifit for both, consumers and e-commerce companies. Direct discounts on goods and services for customers, completly free codelettes and infrastracture for online shops.

Descount Coin Token

What are the benifits

Encrytpted Crypto Payment

$DESC payments will go through it’s own secure and blockchain based payment gateways and will be added into the respected crypto payment processors.

No need to build

$DESC offers open source codelettes and payment pages backed by Ethereum ERC20 infrastructure. Companies adopting into $DESC will NOT have to pay to re-code.

100% Fee Free to Adopt

E-Commerce companies can adopt into without any fees, subscription or advertising whatsoever.

Early Adopters

A % of given discount will be paid to the e-commerce companies by DESC in $DESC. 20.000.000 $DESC will be spared to welcome early adopters.

Same Item for less

Buyers will gain specific discount straightaway, no need for discount codes.

Scaleable Decimals

$DESC is 3 decimal cryptocurrency which makes it easy for everyone to understand how much they are spending comparing to FIAT.

Identity Free Discount

Buyers will never need to subscribe onto discount voucher code websites and provide their personal data.


$DESC the Cryptocurrency is a tradeable ERC20 token. Consumers can spend for online shopping or trade on Exchanges.

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