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E-Commerce or other way to say, Online Shopping has been a game changer in the trade since 1994 the first launch date. But with the effect of Covid-19 the escalation has hit to the max. 

As millions got stuck inside, their needs started to be met online. The increase on online shopping hit upto 15% globally. While shopping online the usage of Discount Voucher/Coupon Codes or discount codes had got more popular too. Every 30 online shopper out of 100 makes search for Discount Voucher Codes before they complete their order to be able to gain some % of discount.


Discount Coupon Codes Search

The image above gives us the idea of, how many players there are in this industrie. One basic search term ” discount coupon codes ” and 252.000.000 results. The search for discount codes increases as the online shopping demand does.

The Growth

Unctad research analysys

The Unctad ( United Nations Conference of Trade and Development ) has made a research in Q3 of 2020 within 8 countries around the globe. The growth of e-commerce after the Covid-19 effect. The increase country by country is amazing, on the chart above. You can guess the total population of these 8 countries.