Getting “bytes” together

Think of a system which natively includes discount when shopping online ? No need to search for discount codes.

Welcome DESC

DESC is the first and only Decentralized Discount Issuer. DESC converts the FIAT onto Cryptocurrency $DESC and issues the discount, the client pays in Crypto and pays less comparing FIAT. 

On the exaples below, $DESC 1 = $1 , given discount rate is 10%

FREE to Join for E-Commerce / Online Shops FOREVER

DESC project is designed to create value and benifit for both Consumers and Shop owners. The e-commerce websites / platforms will never pay a fee to join the system. DESC will provide them the codeletts which they will be implement easily on their live shops and start to accept payments in $DESC Crypto Asset.

No Big Coding Skills Needed

The Codeletts are easy to customize and plug & play. There are two main code languages, PHP & ASP, DESC provides websites Codeletts in both languages + a payment gateway to get the payment in $DESC into their Crypto Wallet. C# Codeletts will be available for mobile app purchases.

Cutting The costs

Companies are paying for subscriptions and adoptions for discount voucher code systems. Which is not a small amount when thinking that they can get everything they need for FREE. Companies are offering the discounts with the codes anyway, but ending up paying high subscription fees also. Thanks to Ethereum’s ERC-20 blockchain infrastructure. DESC is built on Ether Blockchain ecosystem. Convertion and payment is in high security standards.

Benifits for Customers

No more searches for discount coupon codes or vouchers. Subscribing into networks which sends 100’s of advert emails even Spam. When you are subscribing into a network, you provide the most value to them, YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. This includes from your home address to your mobile number as well as your identity. With DESC, all the process goes under the magic of Blockchain and Crypto. DESC doesnt only provide discount, DESC helps you to keep your personal data to yourself.