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Real World Use

Importance of E-Commerce after 2020

E-Commerce or other way to say, Online Shopping has been a game changer in the trade since 1994 the first

Finding the right Discount Online

The online shopping habit is changing as the internet usage grows. We are all looking for good quality at better

Getting “bytes” together

Think of a system which natively includes discount when shopping online ? No need to search for discount codes. Welcome

Powered by Ether’s ERC-20

The popular cryptocurrency and blockchain system Ethereum is based on the use of tokens, which you can buy, sell, or trade.

Opportunities don’t happen, You create them. Become an early investor

The First Year – RoadMapThe First Year – RoadMapThe First Year – RoadMap

Project start as travel sector only / Project first name HOPP / Testnetwork ( Ropsten ) token creation ( HOPPcoin ) / Network Tests and improving the project untill Q2 2021

Renewing the Project /  Focusing for wider coverage /  Renaming the Project to DESCOUNT /  Launching Website /  Launching Social Media Accounts /  $DESC token creation on Test network /  Creation of Whitepaper /  Introduing the project /  $DESC token to Ether Mainnet /  Launching Pre-Ico /  Setting Bounty Programme / $DESC Exchange going live

Announcing the Early Adopter shopping websites and apps / Accepting first $DESC payments OFFLINE / Developing web codelettes for shopping websites / Launching the Ico / Applications to Exchanges

Accepting first ONLINE $DESC payments / Announcing DeX and Exchanges for $DESC trade in mass / Making the return-over $DESC payments to early adopter online shops / Press Releases / Attending webinaries

Setting up the 2nd round of return-over programme for early adopter shopping websites / Widening the $DESC acceptance / Creating codelettes for shopping apps / Accepting new team members / Getting $DESC listed on more exchanges / Creating B2B Value and dApps

What is DESC

Looking for Discounts ?

It could be real time consuming and struggle to find discount voucher codes for the goods and services.

No Need to Search

DESC is Decentralized Discount Issuer system backed by $DESC Cryptocurrency to issue discounts online at the time of the shopping.

Benifits for both

Using $DESC for shopping reaches you for direct real discounts. Adopting into DESC system for e-shops saves subscription fees.


$DESC Token Allocations

Desc Token Allocation Chart

Private Sale Period

5 Million $DESC will be distributed in Private Sale.
1 $DESC Token at
$ 0.3
Minimum Amount in $ is $100
Maximum Amount in $DESC is $DESC 5000
Start & End Dates TBA

Ico Phase 1

5 Million $DESC will be distributed in Ico Phase 1.
1 $DESC Token at
$ 0.36
Minimum Amount in $ is
$ 50
Maximum Amount in $DESC is
$DESC 6000

Ico Phase 2

5 Million $DESC will be distributed in Ico Phase 2.
1 $DESC Token at
$ 0.43
Minimum Amount in $ is
Maximum Amount in $DESC is
$DESC 7000


Our Team

Oguzhan Cetin

Oguzhan Cetin

CEO – Founder

Travel & Tourism sector entrepreneur. Running own establishments since 2005 on going.

Desc Nicholas Morgan

Nicholas Morgan

Marketing Manager

Leadership on b2c and b2b sales. Management positions in respected Uk companies.

Volkan Cobanlar

Volkan Cobanlar

CTO – Blockchain & Web Developer

IBM Background, Countless numbers of web based applications & dApps. Ether ERC20 professional

Erkan Kurul

Erkan Kurul


Entrepreneur. Further knowledge in trade sector both in the Uk and Nederlands.

Ozlem Gokce

Ozlem Gokce

CFO – Advisor

Official Financial Advisor.
Professional Finance Management background in International Companies. Multi Country Finance Managing.

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